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Centrol is a social-first reviews and feedback platform.

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Centrol aims to make finding new places simple. Use the map or the trending locations bar to find that one coffee shop everyone is talking about.


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Share with users and businesses your experience. Let them know what you loved or provide actionable feedback on where they can improve.


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Your feedback is important to the community, if it leads to a change, we want you to get rewarded for it. We are currently working on this and will let you know when it is out!
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Your experience. Superpowered.

We're a social platform and we help you share your favorites and updates with the world. So anyone anywhere can see what you suggest. You're in control. You're the guide.

Places below the search bar are suggested by whats trending in the area, this is powered by how many people are talking about a particular place. Making it easier to find that one coffee shop everyone is raving about.

Add places you like to visit to favorites to follow their updates and make it easier to find them again!

Profile, your space in Centrol.

Your content
Through the profile we want to empower users to become a local guide. Somewhere other users can find your suggestions and easily find something new.
This is where you can say something about yourself and let others know what to call you. Pick a cool profile picture to stand out!
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Collaboration as Improvement

Developed for Communities

Businesses look to you to enhance your future experiences.
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What People Say About Us

Business review
Centrol gave us the platform to have our customers reach us and give us the recommendations we need to better our business. We value this tool as it gives our customers the ability to provide feedback that will not only improve their dining experience but also improve the overall quality of the business itself.
Eytan I.
Restaurateur, Ganey Orly