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Centrol has a simple but impactful mission: to bring about a meaningful change to the way businesses and customers interact. Using the Centrol platform, any business can perfect their customer experience — create a consistent online presence, get real-time customer feedback, address customer experience suggestions to increase retention, and promote positive reviews everywhere to drive more business.
The business landscape.
Small business and enterprise alike face serious competition in new customer acquisition. Prospective customers overwhelmingly turn to online reviews and ratings before selecting a service or product — online reviews can make or break a business. The predominance of 3rd party review sites has shifted power from the business to the consumer. This has brought on more friction than benefits to both the consumer and business as a cycle of venting.
The business need.
Businesses are always looking for ways to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. Today, retaining existing customers requires a business to have easy and direct access to what customers are saying and the ability to action on customer experience shortcomings in real-time. The best way to acquire new customers is through positive word-of-mouth and referrals from existing customers. To stay ahead of the pack, businesses need to rely on comprehensive competitive insights.
The Centrol vision.
Centrol’s vision is to enable businesses to do well by doing good by their customers. Our goal is to recalibrate the playing field — the customer becomes a partner in the business’ success; customer interaction is focused on enhancment of experience; and the responsibility to grow the business is shared with existing customers and the community. Centrol is a platform that bridges the gap between businesses and customers. We partner with businesses to empower their customers to have a voice to advise on methods to enhance the customer experience.
What Centrol brings to the table.
Through the Centrol platform, businesses can Listen to their customers, Analyze what they're doing well and identify areas of improvement, and most importantly, Take Action to hone in on the customer experience.

Meet the Team

Mike Shimonov
CEO & cofounder of Centrol.io
Abin Saju
CTO & cofounder of Centrol.io
Mitchell Ewulonu
Full stack developer
Jaya Kumar
Full stack developer
Joseph Shimonov
Full stack developer

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